New Leaf Health & Fitness

Exceptional Resort Health and Fitness Facilities

Discover New Leaf and you’ll discover a whole new feeling for a health and fitness club. That’s because three retail spaces were stripped to their essence, partitions were removed, floors were lowered, masonry walls were exposed and large windows were installed. Reception and relaxation areas were located to separate the strength training and cardiovascular areas for quiet and easy traffic flow. A restful atmosphere replaced the typical mirrored walls and strong colors in the group exercise studio and personal training area. Simple materials – masonry, steel, granite, rubber, canvas and photography – were used in an eye-catching way throughout the facility.

You’ll also discover premium quality equipment from industry leader Life Fitness. The cardio studio features elliptical, treadmill and stationary bicycles equipped with televisions and iPod connections. The strength training areas offer free weights and circuit series machines that are inviting, easily adjusted and effective.

In addition to its exceptional indoor health and fitness facilities, a 20-station outdoor Fit-Trail will be added this fall.  It will be on the resort’s grounds and will be open to all without charge.

Like their Swiss ancestor Parcourse, these trails will combine scientifically-designed exercises with walking or jogging to provide a well-balanced physical fitness routine for the entire body. Individual exercise stations with apparatus will be placed along the path. While enjoying the out-of-doors, users will proceed from one station to the next and perform the exercises illustrated at that station.