Glen Arbor Restaurant Week at Café Manitou

 Café Manitou Welcomes Public During “Glen Lake Restaurant Week”

Glen Lake Restaurant Week is right around the corner, and The Homestead is marking the occasion by opening Café Manitou to the general public. Here’s a sneak peek at the special menu Chef John Piombo has planned along with important information on modified hours of operation.  


Cafe dining room view




Arguably the most beautiful lakefront restaurant anywhere in Northern Michigan—and the only one offering the spectacular views of the Manitou Islands AND the Sleeping Bear Dunes—Café Manitou is also reserved for the exclusive enjoyment of residents and guests of The Homestead.

 But later this month, the Café will open its kitchen to serve local food lovers looking for a unique and mouthwatering dining experience.

 Glen Lake Restaurant 2018 begins April 27th, and The Homestead has a special $30 menu planned for Leelanau County diners who want to sample the views of Lake Michigan and the spectacular food Café Manitou is known for.

 To accommodate a waterfront wedding planned at The Homestead the weekend of May 5th, Café Manitou will only be open for seven days (April 27th until May 4th) for Restaurant Week patrons[B1] .

 Diners will enjoy a choice of three appetizers, three entrée items and a desert choice—all for $30 dollars. Here’s a look at the special menu Chef John Piombo has planned:


Cafe Manitou logo

Restaurant Week 2018


Kimchee Calamari  

Lightly Fried Rings and Tentacles / Green Onions / Peppers

(gf) (v) Burrata  

Heirloom Tomato / Balsamic Caviar / Crispy Basil Leaf / Ligurian Olive Oil

Smoked Whitefish Chowder  

Corn / Potato / Dill / Cream


Chefs Across the Great Lakes dinner of 2018

Leland, Michigan - April 5, 2018 - Leland’s venerable Riverside Inn will host the first Chefs
Across the Great Lakes dinner of 2018, collaborating with Ontario’s Killarney Mountain
Lodge, on Thursday, May 17th.  The origins of the “new” Riverside Inn date back to 1925 and
present ownership dates to 1997.  Riverside’s Chef Pete Siagkris and Killarney’s Chef Kay
Bonsu have worked jointly to create a unique 5-course dining experience and wine pairings
from Leelanau’s Good Harbor Winery.

The Great …

Summer Jobs

Awesome Summer Jobs Alert!


Looking for a cool summer job or know someone looking for work in fast-paced and beautiful environment with flexible hours, great pay and a fun atmosphere? The Homestead’s hospitality team is hiring. From food and beverage service to beach club staff, keep reading to check out the long list of openings and how to apply.


Beach Club and Cafe




Incredible sunsets over Lake Michigan, views of the Sleeping Bear Dunes and knowing you’re helping people make great memories every day—The Homestead’s John Piombo says these aren’t the only perks that come with working at the only four-season resort in the heart of “America’s Most Beautiful Place.”


“People love the work here for a whole bunch of reasons,” he says. “The Homestead offers starting summer wages of $9 to $15 per hour, and generous employee discounts on everything from spa services to golf and fitness club memberships. But the thing I hear most is that we’ve created a real team-oriented environment, which makes it a fun place to work even in the hectic summer months.”  

Five Ideas for Welcoming Spring at The Homestead

Warmer temperatures and melting winter snow mean spring is almost here. So dust the cobwebs off your golf clubs, check those chest waders for holes and lace up those hiking shoes. The resort’s resident outdoor-junky—Accommodations Senior Manager, Logan Sanders—offers his “top five” favorite ways to ring in the spring at The Homestead.

A Guided Hunt For Morels

white morel mushrooms in a bowl

[source: Leelanau Adventures/Facebook]

While there are many wild edibles growing in the woods within the boundaries of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, morels definitely get the nod when it comes to the most coveted wild delicacy in the woods. (From leeks to dandelion, click here for the Sleeping Bear Dunes Visitors Bureau’s shortlist of other “forager favorites” for Lakeshore locals.)

Exactly when morels begin to pop, as they say, depends on a witch’s brew of weather conditions—namely ever-warming days and gentle rain. While serious morel hunters are sometimes scouring the woods for the elusive mushroom by the end of April, morel mania typical comes to a head in Northwest Lower Michigan around mid-May.

Great morel hunting depends on great habitat and a soil conditions. Orchards, sandy soil, swamp, rolling hardwood hills. Ash, maple, elm poplar and apple trees—commonly referred to as “host trees.” The Lakeshore has it all. But still the question: Where to go?

If you’re an experienced morel hunter, you can tool around the Lakeshore and identify a promising location from the driver’s seat of your car. But if you don’t have those kinds of mad-morel-hunting skills, why not hire a guide? Until recently, finding a local guide willing to show you his best morel hunting spots was something of a fantasy. But Glen Arbor’s Eric LaPaugh is willing to share.

An experienced outdoor guide, LaPaugh now guides hiking and camping trips inside the Lakeshore. He also guides morel hunters in the spring. To get in touch with Leelanau Adventures and get your springtime morel-hunting trip on the books, click here to check out Facebook page. 

Learn To Fly Fish

orvis fly fishing


If this is the year you’re determined to scratch “learn to fly fish” off your springtime bucket list, The Homestead is the place to start. And the time is now. Trout season opens on April 26th on a Michigan stream near you, which also means steelhead will be staging at the mouth of the Crystal River (right next to Café Manitou) soon.

If you’re new to fly fishing or simply looking for a preseason tune-up, The Homestead’s master fly fishing instructor, Dave Leonhard, begins hosting one- and two-day fly fishing clinics begin mid April at the resort this year.

From knot-tying to basic entomology, casting to choosing the best gear—the basic fly fishing know-how that might take you years to acquire on your own—Leonhard and his team instructors at the Orvis Michigan Fly Fishing School can teach you everything you need to know to step into the water with confidence on opening day.

Overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan, the Orvis Michigan Fly Fishing School at The Homestead combines Northwoods beauty and classic accommodations with the best fly fishing instruction in America.

All clinics utilize hands-on instruction on private trout ponds as well as classroom instruction on the resort’s property, as well as serene stretches of the Boardman River a short drive away. Orvis Michigan is designed to introduce the intricacies of fly fishing to an absolute novice, but even experienced fly anglers will find personal and advanced instruction tailored to their level of experience. Sign up now to enjoy special rates if you book an overnight stay at The Homestead.

For more information contact Dave Leonhard, Orvis Michigan Fly Fishing School Director, at 231.933.9300.

Take On A Challenge

Trail Trekker Challenge banner


The Sleeping Bear Dunes had roughly two million visitors last year, but only a handful can lay claim to hiking every mainland trail in the park—that’s 13 trails and almost one hundred miles.

It’s called the Trail Trekker Challenge. Two Glen Lake area high school students, Bonnie Ricord and Lena Cruz, created the TTC to help motivate people to see some of the amazing places within the National Lakeshore beyond the Dune Climb—and get some great exercise in the process.

If you manage to hike all 13, mainland, hiking trails in a single year, you can add your name to very short and elite list. Click here to see it. Only 43 people completed the challenge in 2017.

Two of the most popular trails in the Lakeshore trail system are within walking distance of the hotels and condominiums at The Homestead. Clearly-marked access to Bay View Trail can be found in The Village, while the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail can be found basically right across the road from the entrance to The Homestead. Other popular trails, such as Empire Bluffs and Pyramid Point are a short drive away. Be sure to ask for a map and a park pass when you check in. And if you’d like to try exploring the trails on a foot (or bike, in the case of Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail) the resort can get you all set up and ready to go.

Terrain Park Prepped For “Almost Spring Fling”

What do the Gravity Games, Red Bull snowboarding competitions and The Homestead have in common? The answer: Ben Schaub. The terrain park building specialist was given the go-head to give The Homestead’s terrain park a little makeover this winter. Now, it’s scheduled to be the centerpiece of a little party/competition happening at the resort on February 24th. Read on.

terrain park


Bigger bumps. Bigger jumps. Moguls, boxes and triple-down rails.

For as long as he can remember, Ben Schaub has been dreaming up creative ways to help skateboarders, skiers and snowboarders perform high-flying flips and high-speed tricks. Mountain Dew, Vans, Zumiez, and Red Bull —Schaub has worked for all of them, constructing snow and concrete playgrounds for everyday use as well as professional competitions.

“I lived out West, worked in California’s Squaw Valley and was basically ski and skate bum since I was 18,& …