Farmers' Markets, U-Pick Farms and Orchards Are Open for Business

Autumn is right around the corner and that means harvest season—that special time of year when local farm stands, markets and U-pick orchards all across Leelanau County are busting with fresh-picked vegetables, local fruit and berries. Here we rundown a few our favorite places to taste and enjoy the farm-fresh experience starting this month.

 Fun And Freshness

 Blueberry Patch


It’s picking time again in Leelanau County for blueberries, red and black raspberries and even gooseberries. That’s followed in early October by the ripening of the apple crop, which an adventure that the whole family can enjoy.

Alpers Berry Farm

U-Pick: raspberries

Season: Season varies, mid-July to mid-Aug. U-pick, seven days a week, 10 AM to 6 PM. Call ahead for U-pick. 231-271-6656

Location: Just two miles north of Suttons Bay, Michigan, on the right hand side of Setterbo Road

Westover Market

U-Pick:  Blueberries, black and red raspberries, gooseberries

Season: Mid-April through October 31st.  Hours 9am to 6pm Monday through Sunday.

Location: Take M-72 west out of Traverse City, approximately 13 miles to County Road 667 (Maple City Rd).  Turn right and follow County Road 667 into Maple City.  One hundred yards past the flashing light, turn left on Burdickville Road (County Road 616).  Farm is located 1/4 mile further on the left.


Good Neighbor Farms of Leelanau County

U-Pick: apples, black raspberries, blackberries

Season: Mid-August and apples during weekends in October (please call first). Good Neighbor Farms has 13 varieties of apples, five varieties of garlic, six varieties of lavender, black rapberries, and blackberries.

Location: 9885 Engles Road, Northport, Michigan, 49670. Phone 231-271-5679. Take M-22, three miles south of Northport.


Buy Fresh. Buy Local.

 Farmer's Market


While the 2017 farmers’ market season officially kicked off back in mid June, September is the month when roadside stands and market tables bow under the heaping weight of farm-fresh goodness. It’s all here: local honey, fresh-pressed cider, vegetables, pecks of apples and peaches. Here’s a town-by-town rundown of times and dates for farm-market buying from Northport to Empire.

Suttons Bay
 Farmer's Market

May 12th – October 27th

9 am to 1 pm, Saturdays

Located at North Park, intersection of M-22 & M-204 (601 Front Street)

 Farmer’s Market

June 16th – September 15th

9 am to 1 pm, Saturdays

Located next to the Post Office (10234 W Front St)

Lake Leelanau Farmer's Market

The Homestead Unveils New Website and #MiHomestead Campaign

Using a little technology to find vacation bliss in Northern Michigan just got a little bit easier and a lot more fun. Last month, The Homestead launched a newly optimized and user-friendly website along with a new hashtag campaign that gives guests and residents a platform to share their treasured resort memories.

The Paradox Of Choice

There’s a unique problem that comes with being the only four-season resort located in the heart of the “Most Beautiful Place in America.” But according to The Homestead’s Peter Kuras, it’s a good problem to have—unless you’re a webpage designer.

“We have so much to offer our guests—more than other similar properties—that it can be a little overwhelming trying to convey it all [on a website],” says Kuras.

Golfing. Tennis. Hiking. Biking. Skiing. Snowboarding. The list of outdoor activities goes on and on. Then you have the local foodie scene, the long list of award-winning wineries and fine restaurants. There’s charter fishing, outdoor concerts, autumn leaf tours, a never-ending list of festivals for everything from craft beer and artisan cheese.

Everyone knows The Homestead …

Let's Talk Toilets!

Got your attention? Conservation matters at The Homestead, which is why the ongoing upgrades to air conditioning units and plumbing fixtures—including new toilets in all the hotel rooms—have us pretty excited. Keep reading to find out how these simple upgrades are helping the resort save water and energy all while cutting costs.


Did you know that turning off the water while you brush your teeth saves up to four gallons of water per minute? Did you know one leaky toilet can fill a swimming pool in a year? And don’t even get us started with all the wasted water old showerheads put down the drain.

Being good stewards to the environment means the resort is constantly looking for ways to use water and energy more efficiently. That’s why The Homestead recently began a yearlong “tap to toilet” replacement initiative that has also grown to include the installation of brand new air conditioning and heating units in Little Belle.

Welcome To …

Stand-up Paddleboards, Kayaks & Aqua Cycles Take the "Work" Out of Workout

Looking for a fun way to improve your balance, reduce stress and burn some calories? Rent a SUP, kayak or aqua-cycle the next time you’re down at the Beach Club and enjoy some of these great health benefits. Read on.

You’ve heard of jazzercise. Well, think of this as “beachercise.” Standup paddleboards (SUPs), kayaks and aqua-cycles provide some great exercise that families and friends on a beach vacation at The Homestead can all do together and enjoy. 

Improve Your Balance

Glen Lake Stand Up Paddleboard


As the name implies, standup paddleboards require you to stand on and paddle what amounts to an over-sized surfboard. Not hard to learn, but it does require a little focus, some leg strength and core stability to maintain your balance.  Standup paddle boarding offers a full-body, low impact workout that gives you the stress-reducing feeling of walking on water once you get your technique down.

Burn Some Calories

Father Daughter Kayak Lake Michigan

According to the folks at Health Fitness Revolution, to move the kayak at about 5 mph requires about 0.1-hp of effort. This amounts to around 400 calories per hour. That means four hours of paddling burns an amazing 1,600 calories. In addition to the great scenery you enjoy while paddling along the Crystal River or along the beach …

Are the Best Tennis Pros in Leelanau County? | The Homestead

One is ranked among Spain’s top players. One is a member of the Michigan High School Coach’s Hall of Fame. Another is a five-time regional high school coach of the year. Why do the best instructors in Northern Michigan love to teach and play at The Homestead? Keep reading to find out.

One look at the professional-level clay courts—Wow, what a view!—and you can tell: the resort takes tennis very seriously. The Homestead has made teaching the game of tennis a top priority from Day One. That passion for the game can be seen today in the resort’s high-level programing, the weekly exhibition matches and the credentials of the coaches who love to work and play here.

Last month on this blog, we covered all the new summer options for guests and residents looking to learn the great game of tennis. (Click here to check out the full story.) Now we’d like to introduce you to our coaches:

Fernando Belmar

Fernando Belmar