Three Reasons to Take an Art Class This Summer

The Glen Arbor Art Association has a full schedule of adult and child art classes throughout the summer months. From crafting pottery to learning to paint with oil or watercolor, classes are available for anyone interested in learning something new or for more experienced artists interested in improving their craft.

If you have always wanted to take an art classes but always found a reason not to, check out these three reasons why you should stop making excuses and sign up for one of the many GAAA sponsored classes open this summer.

Leelanau County has always been known as an inspirational place for artists. Every summer, the Glen Arbor Art Association pools together some of the area’s best talent in the fields of writing, painting, pottery, and photography for a popular series of adult and child art classes in the heart of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Even if you’re not an artist, taking an art class is beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Challenge Yourself – Trying something new is always tough, especially when it comes to creative endeavors. Apprehension and self-doubt have always been the two biggest factors stopping people from picking up at writing pad or paintbrush. Taking that first step in a classroom setting – together with knowledgeable instructors and other beginners like you – can be a great confidence builder. Learning to express yourself creatively is a challenge, but the rewards are a new way of looking at the world around you and maybe discovering a talent you didn’t know you had.
  • Improve Your Technique – Interested in improving your brush skills? Need some quality time on a potter’s wheel? Art classes are a great way to spend time with (and learn from) experienced art instructors and professionals who can answer specific questions to take your art to new levels.
  • Meet New People - Art classes bring together people with certain things in common. Learning art in a classroom setting is a fun and memorable bonding experience for teachers and students alike. When you take any class, there’s always an opportunity to meet new people and make new connections.

Get Your Creative Groove On!

The 2013 summer GAAA class schedule includes clinics for beginning to advanced students in the fields of creative writing, painting, pottery, photography, drawing, and even printmaking. Check out the full list of adult classes here.

Child classes include hands-on, experience- and age-appropriate workshops for painting, weaving, drawing, beading, clay crafts and more. Check out the full list of children’s classes here.