Protective Measures


We have two, one is to protect the health of our guests, property owners, and teammates. The other is to carry out our part of our Mission Statement: “Our Guests Make Memories, We Strive to Make Them Great.”



Already rigorous standards for cleaning and inspecting were raised to set an even higher standard for cleaning and disinfecting all types of accommodations (including employee housing), bars and restaurants, banquet facilities, meeting rooms, recreational facilities and back-of-the-house support areas. These standards are in writing and will be updated if new information from the CDC or our industry warrants doing so. All levels of leadership will be expected to manage in strict accord with the new standards. Violations will be reported to the senior leadership team.


Team members in all areas of resort operations will receive back-to-work and ongoing training on workplace behavior, personal hygiene, social distancing and the new standards. One part will focus on  more rigorous cleaning and disinfecting the remaining high touch items such as countertops, door handles, light switches, nightstands, alarm clocks, television remote controls, toilet seats, faucets and temperature controls. Another part will focus on more frequent and detailed cleaning and disinfecting of public spaces such as lobbies and elevators. 


Before being allowed to work, temperatures of arriving team members will be taken and recorded. If a team member’s temperature is above 100.40   he or she will not be allowed to work, will be monitored, and be allowed to come back to work with test results or a doctor’s letter. If a team member is ill he or she will be asked to stay home.


All products that will be used to clean and disinfect are products recommended by the CDC with a greater concentration of bacteria-killing to address a broad spectrum of viruses, including Covid-19.


Hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipe stations have been installed in high-traffic areas throughout the resort. So, too, have electrostatic sprayers been ordered and used. Those sprayers create magnetically charged droplets that coat all surfaces with a high-grade EPA-registered disinfectant that is effective against many communicable diseases, including Covid-19.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Cleaning is the act of removing dirt, impurities and germs. Disinfecting is the act of using chemicals to kill germs. By cleaning first, then disinfecting, we will reduce the risk of infection.


Standards for multipoint inspections of areas that have been cleaned have been in place for decades.  With the addition of the electrostatic sprayers, these standards have been increased to ensure proper disinfecting is done.


Daily cleaning in hotel rooms, condominiums and homes will be suspended until the threat of infection from Covid-19 is no longer present. Guests renting from The Homestead are welcome to call the front desk at 334.5000 if they need additional towels or amenities. Cleaning between guest stays will, in accord with CDC guidelines, be more rigorous. Cleaning in public spaces will be done throughout the day and will focus on frequently touched surfaces.


Team members are required to wear masks when working in an indoor public space and when working within six feet of another team member when working outside. We strongly suggest our guests wear a mask while visiting our indoor facilities but are not required. 

Your Role

If you are a guest, property owner or team member, you have two roles. One is to be an active participant in the steps we are taking to protect your health and the health of all others. The other is to let us know if there is something we can do better. Id so, please contact the Front Desk at 231.334.5003