Men's Spa Services

If your muscles are aching, we can help. If you're looking for something romantic to do with your partner, we can help. If you just need a little time away from the world, we can help. Our specially-designed services for men can be booked independently, or as part of a getaway package featuring golf, skiing or other sporting activities

Woodsman Massage 60 minutes | $150

Designed specifically for men, this service combines Swedish and deep tissue therapeutic massage techniques to reduce tension, alleviate muscular pain and increase flexibility. We incorporate a healing and restorative aroma of your choice, leaving you feeling refreshed and recharged.

Bourbon Massage 90 minutes | $175

This treatment gets the blood flowing with the Bourbon Bubbler scrub, which features a decadent combination of brown sugar and Kentucky bourbon. Next, relax with a healing massage that combines a blend of essential oils and smooth heated stones. The experience culminates with our new offering of an exquisite pour of bourbon. Afterwards, walk away feeling smooth inside and out.

Gentlemen’s Healthy Hands $65

Following an exfoliation, cuticle cleanup and hand massage, a paraffin masque provides a moisturizing application.

Deep Tissue 60 minutes | $160 || 90 minutes | $180

Targeting areas of tension is the focus of this sophisticated treatment. Concentrated pressure is used with techniques to dissolve the body’s aches and strains using elbows and forearms to achieve a truly effective deep tissue massage. This treatment is ideal for guests with issues of chronic tension, stress, or overall discomfort.

Fitness Facial $110

A deep cleansing and purifying facial designed exclusively for men’s skin. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and hydrated using products rich in antioxidants to repair and revitalize areas damaged by the sun and free radicals. Put your best face forward.

Back Facial $125

This hard to reach and often-neglected area will be given a true “facial”: a deep-cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if needed, and a mask to balance the skin. Your esthetician will customize the treatment to best suit your skin type.

Indian Head Massage $50

Inspired by an ancient Eastern treatment that concentrates on your head, face, neck and shoulders. Helps to relieve stress, anxiety and mental tension, cleansing and rebalancing the whole body.

Reflexology $50

The ultimate foot massage! Inspired by a therapy that was founded on the concept that the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet contain reflex points that connect to all organs of the body. Specific pressure techniques detect imbalances and dissipate energetic blocks to alleviate stress and promote the body’s ability to heal itself.

Gentlemen’s Foot Soak $70

Escape into the ultimate degree of relaxation for your feet and body. We begin with a warm mineral soak for the feet followed by a soothing salt scrub. Next we surround them with warm towels to hydrate and relax every nerve and muscle including your toes. If that is not enough we continue with a 20-minute massage which incorporates Swedish techniques and reflexology pressure therapy with the aromatherapy of your choice. All in the privacy of our serenity room overlooking Lake Michigan and the Manitou islands. Complimentary wine, beer, coffee, tea and water options available.