Construction crews will continue improvements on the Beach Club sea wall this month, and we’re super excited for what comes next—summer and the grand reopening of The Homestead’s most scenic and spectacular gathering spot for residents and guests!

From beautiful new landscaping to expanded food and beverage service, here’s an update on the ambitious inside and out remodeling plans sure to make the Beach Club your favorite summertime place to hangout.


Whether you’re taking in a game of tennis, hanging out with cocktails by the pool, or just gathering with friends to catch the sun setting over Lake Michigan and the Manitou Passage, you are going to love the changes coming to the Beach Club this summer.

The Homestead’s ambitious remodeling effort aims to make the Beach Club even more beautiful AND offer more services and comfort to guests and residents, according to Vice President of Recreation, Jamie Kuras.

“The final phase of the project begins this month when construction crews will make improvements on the existing sea wall that was built about forty years ago,” says Kuras. “The process will involve two barges and some heavy machinery. Work on the wall will extend into the mouth of the Crystal River and should take about a month to complete.”

After the sea wall is complete, according to Kuras, a crew from The Homestead will begin the process of re-decking the area around the Beach Club while another works to improve the aesthetic quality of landscaping that surrounds. Seating around the tennis court will also be redone. And that’s not all.


Beach Club Expanded Food And Beverage Service

“We’ve also been working since last year to improve the interior function of the facility for our associates while also embarking on a complete redo of the food and beverage services for guests,” says Kuras. “These changes will include a bigger and better menu and more dining options that will include light breakfast offerings, more lunch and dinner service and an expanding menu of cocktails, heavy snacks and even ice cream being made available throughout the day.”

With its stunning views of Lake Michigan and arguably one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the Sleeping Bear Dunes, the Beach Club has always been a busy hub of summer activity. But when the beautification of the grounds in complete and the doors to the pool, tennis court and restaurant open in early summer, guests and residents expect a new level of service, function and scenic charm that will make the Beach Club a place you’ll be visiting again and again.