Group Dining

Some of our locations offer four-course meals featuring a range of local produce and prepared by a master chef, such as Nonna's and Cafe Manitou.  Others, like Cavanaugh's and Whiskers Bar and Grill, offer simple fare - burgers, brats; pizzas and salads; coffee and cake.  No matter where or what you choose to eat, all have one thing in common:  they are designed to enhance your company, not overshadow it.  Just as our facilities are designed to highlight the natural environment around them, our food and beverage service is designed to highlight the social environment around you.  Sometimes that might mean making sure your lunch suddenly appears just as you're beginning to realize you're hungry.  Sometimes it means gathering around the bar or a campfire to while away the hours.  What it always means is that we'll work with you to plan menus that will please everyone in your group. 

Call our Event Sales team at 231-334-5300 for more information.