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A vacation on Lake Michigan at the heart of the Sleeping Bear Dunes is about more than a place to stay. It’s about experiencing a beautiful area with spectacular beaches, enjoying exceptional recreational facilities, learning a new skill or practicing an old one, and about enjoying great food and drinks. Resort Map Most of all, it’s about making new memories with the ones you love. To make the most of your vacation, you may wish to choose a value-packed package.


Explorer's Package


Manitou Passage Golf Club Stay and Play Package

Here, amid stunning scenery and hushed seclusion of Leelanau and Traverse City, is a course created by Palmer with his design tenants - beauty, strategy, risk-reward, fun - and full respect the area’s history of glacial formation. Moraines and outwash plains from melting glaciers characterized the lower elevations of the site. Long ridges or “drumlins” characterized the higher. Palmer's solution begins in a sprawling meadow at the lowest elevation, climbs and winds with the ridges and returns to finish by a sparkling pond beside the clubhouse terraces. Along the way, carefully framed views of fescue filled meadows, hardwood and Pine forests, expansive ridges, and Lake Michigan’s Manitou Passage await the golfer. So, too, does a respite far from concrete, crowds, and chaos. This is Manitou Passage. and it welcomes you.