Privacy Policy

The Homestead collects personally identifiable information (name, address, e-mail address, etc) and demographic data (gender, interests, zip codes, etc) about owners and guests. Such information is submitted by owners and guests when they register for services; participate in a promotion, contest or sweepstakes; complete a survey; join a loyalty program; or, send e-mail.

This information is used to process and maintain accounts and may be used to compile demographic statistics and to display information that matches the personal interests of owners and guests.

We may use your contact information to contact you about your account and / or to send information directly related to goods or services you have requested.

With your permission, we may use your contact information to inform you of new facilities or programs or services at our resort or in our area in which you may have an interest.

We will not provide your contact information to unaffiliated third parties unless directed to do so by judicial order. As part of our processes (including registration) you will have the right to inform us that you do not wish to receive information about new facilities or about programs or services at our resort or in our area.

The Homestead
1 Wood Ridge Road
Glen Arbor, MI 49636

Phone: 231.334.5000
Fax: 231.334.5113

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