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Villas & Homes

Villa Home Rentals on Lake Michigan

Whether you’re looking for a simple villa or a luxurious home for your family to get away, The Homestead has choices. They range in size from one to five bedrooms. Most have fireplaces, all have cable television, and fully equipped kitchens. Some have designer furnishings, high-end entertainment systems, air conditioning, and washers and dryers. All have private entrances and patios, or decks. Many are within walking distance of beaches, pools, recreational facilities, and restaurants. Each is ranked by our quality standards.  Map  

Simply select your level of quality, find a villa or home that meets your needs and budget, and know that you’ll soon wake up in the “Most Beautiful Place in America” and have access to all the resort has to offer. See Exclusive Benefits

              GRAND QUALITY These hotel rooms,  villas, and vacation homes are for the guest who wants the finest vacation experience and ultimate in comfort. The sites are unmatched. Exteriors feature exceptional architecture and lush landscaping. Interiors were done by a professional design team which selected wall and floor finishes, colors, window treatments, furnishings, beds, linens, art work, decorative accessories and electronics. They are beautifully detailed and luxuriously furnished. The baths are stunning – some have fireplaces and  whirlpool tubs. In the villas and homes, the kitchens are completely equipped.  All grand quality are air conditioned and have Wifi.

               CLASSIC QUALITY These villas and homes appeal to those who enjoy their vacation experience in a setting with many of the comforts of home. Exteriors feature inviting architecture and pleasing landscaping. Interiors were done by owners who chose coordinated colors, comfortable furnishings, more up-to-date television and DVD packages and nicer décor. Living spaces are pleasing. quality beds are in the bedrooms. These units all have kitchens and fireplaces.  Some classic quality have air conditioning and or Wifi.

               SIMPLE QUALITY These condominiums and homes are well-suited to those who enjoy their vacation experiences in a relaxed fashion without frills. The exteriors feature inviting architecture and pleasing landscaping. Interiors done by owners reflect their casual lifestyle. Eclectic furnishings, older electronics and modest décor is found in clean and equipped living and dining spaces, original but well-maintained kitchens and baths and in bedrooms with quality beds. These condominiums and homes have fireplaces. No simple quality have air conditioned and some have Wifi.


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